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Let's face it, technology isn't going away. Our kids are tech savvy and have more opportunities to connect online with people all over the world!  This can be exciting and overwhelming as a parent to try to cope with.  If you are looking for some practical and actionable advice on how to manage navigating this digital world for your family,  look no further.  I provide workshops and keynote presentations for parents and teachers on how to teach our kids how to manage themselves online and how to use technology responsibly.  

I love to help people understand and develop strategies for social media.  I am the author of Social Citizens: A Positive Approach to Social Media & Parenting in a Digital World.  I have been working in digital marketing and social media for 10 years, and currently teach at the University of Calgary, Bow Valley College and Mount Royal University.  

l have provided workshops and sessions at large and small conferences dealing with issues and strategies related to social media.  I was an early adaptor and am an avid social media user, and have worked with companies and brands including Travel Alberta, Sport Chek, the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority and Samsung.  I am proud to be member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

As a mom to a teen, I can relate the the challenges parents face in today's digital world.  

Let's connect to discuss your event:

Nancy Smith is a smart, funny and engaging speaker who immediately captivates her audience with her interesting career background and practical advice. She doesn’t preach or judge, but imparts her wisdom and feedback in an easy, affable manner. As a university professor, a mom and someone with a wealth of social media experience, she instantly connects with teens and young adults and has them looking at social media in a whole new and powerful way - beyond selfies to telling stories.
— Michelle Schurmann
Nancy’s presentation at our school was well-received by our parents, who gave her high scores on her presentation and material. Nancy helped parents feel more comfortable with social media, and the role it plays in their children’s life. She definitely understands the world of social media and how kids are using it, which makes her uniquely qualified to speak to schools on this topic. Parents walked away with tools to use in discussing and evaluating social media use for their kids, which was helpful now and in the future.
— Marilyn, Parent at a school session
I recently had Nancy speak to my audience at The Measurable Difference - a bi-monthly seminar, inspired by TED Talks, to specifically serve Small Business owners, Intrapreneurs and aspiring Entrepreneurs.

In a word, “I could listen to Nancy speak all day,” was the feedback from one of our attendees. I know, that’s more than a word, but’s great feedback and it means my audience will come back for more.

Nancy has the ability to take a potentially complicated and vague discussion (social media) and make it simple to connect the dots and understand clear and actionable steps.

Nancy was great in front of the crowd, providing a perfect mix of great visuals, tech solutions, data, along with humour and clarity.

I’ve seen Nancy speak before in front on much larger audiences - big or small, nothing phases her. She delivered her presentation with confidence, which is surely why she was so well received.

I would not hesitate to book Nancy for a future event and I highly recommend you consider booking her for yours.
— Vince Fowler
Nancy was amazing! Definitely the best session of the day. She provided me with tips and tricks that were new to me. Thanks!
— SocialWest Attendee
I recently had the pleasure of attending Nancy’s social media class at Mount Royal University. Nancy is a natural teacher and made the lectures very enjoyable, interactive, and interesting. She is also very approachable and encourages class discussion. It was a great experience, and I’d certainly recommend her as a teacher and a speaker.
— Aleksandra Zaranska
I loved this session. It was the one I took the most (information) away from. Thank you!
— SocialWest attendee