National Day of Unplugging

Did you know on March 3rd it is National Day of Unplugging?

Will you take the challenge of powering down and untethering from your "digital leash" for 24 hours?

Will you embrace the benefits of a day spent unplugged?

Focus on doing something with your kids, without technology. Play a board or card game, go for a walk or to a park together. Try to focus on the moment and all of the time you have free from looking at your smartphone.

For more inspiration, here are some ideas from www.nationaldayofunplugging.com


Have a member of the family hide the other persons’ tech devices until the end of the 24-hour period (or time period decided in advance). Play the hot and cold game to find the hidden digital devices at the end of the unplugging time.

Have an unplugged scavenger hunt. Hide alternative activities, such as board games, materials for a science project or a series of books and create clues to find the alternative activities. Spend the afternoon playing together.

Create a family tree. Take time with your family to discuss your childhood, family history, stories and memories. Have each member share one memory and fill in their section of the tree. Create a beautiful piece of art that your family could hang for generations.

Cook favorite family recipes. From Bubbie’s Borsht to Nana’s Noodles with Cottage Cheese, cook the recipes that warm your heart and soul. Need inspiration? Visit BeyondBubbie.com.

Have a Family Book Club. Pick a book that appeals to everyone in your family. Read it together and discuss over a meal. Have kids create art based on themes from the book.