Review: Screenagers - A Documentary

This week I attended a screening of the documentary Screenagers.  I was eager to see it ever since I saw the trailer online. I was engaged and interested throughout the 1 hour and 7 minute film.

Dr. Delaney Ruston, the director of the movie is also a physician and a mom to two teenage children.  She shares her personal experience of allowing her daughter to get a smartphone. She also interviews researchers and experts on the affects of digital addiction and the young brain.  

The documentary covers many issues for families of tweens/teens including how to manage how much screen time to let your child have, video games, social media, the distraction of smart phones can cause and internet addiction.

The documentary hit home for me, as it touched on exactly what I am trying to do with the Social Media Citizenship movement.  It gathers interesting information and presents it in a balanced and engaging way.  It stimulated a healthy discussion and conversation in our family about screen time and social media.

I also appreciated that it did not delve into alarmist/extreme topics of cyber stalking etc. The key message of balance and understanding how technology can affect people of all ages will be a strong takeaway for all who see it.